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In 2014, I formed Mushroom Marketing. I’ve taken a look back at the ups and downs, and reminded myself of my lucky Starbucks chocolate coin…

Before setting up Mushroom Marketing, I felt the time was right to move on from my employed role, where I set up the marketing department for a rapidly growing local insurance company, which is now one of the biggest employers in the area. The next logical step for me would most likely be a more senior PR or marketing role in London, but I’d already lived there for several years, studying for a masters degree at Goldsmiths College, and working in the marketing teams for several record companies. So, I decided to be proactive and create my own opportunity – Mushroom Marketing.

I enrolled on a Business Link start-up course, which was absolutely invaluable, where I learned about all the other aspects of running a business other than just the promotion of it. I met another lady also starting up her own marketing agency. We went for a coffee at Starbucks after the course ended and bought each other a large silver chocolate coin. We vowed to each other that as long as we kept this coin, it would give us luck in our businesses. I still have that coin today and that vow has been kept!

Over the period, Mushroom Marketing has helped local start-ups to grow, promoted national companies’ services/ products and aided global businesses to expand. We’ve even won a coveted CIPR (Chartered Institute of PR) award.

Sometimes, I think it’s important to look back at how things have evolved and remind ourselves of what has been achieved – either on a personal or business level. Maybe you’ll even exchange a Starbucks chocolate coin, too!

Written by Emma Estridge,


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